Sabine Arias is an authorial and contemporary luxury brand. The feeling of a romantic influence with a modern twist portrays the lifestyle of the founder, the designer whose name is the same as the label.

The unpretentious style of Rio fashion is a constant inspiration. Today, a solid company with credibility in the international market, it dresses cosmopolitan women who can take the fresh breeze from the beach to any place.

Versatility is also essential in your creations, as they go from day to night and fit perfectly into any occasion. A girl’s lunch dress can easily be worn, unaltered, at a sunset party. The highlight, however, is the turnaround in modern wedding dresses.

Sabine Arias’ main idea is to create a series of pieces that can circulate in various places, maintaining their natural sophistication. Noble materials, such as silk and lace, are the focal point of his collections. The use of textures, hand-painted or washed fabrics and local materials is what makes the brand so unique. The Brazilian aspect of the designer has always been present and is part of the brand’s DNA. She is constantly looking for new things in her travels and research around the world and this is reflected in the fluidity of her creations: every season is like a wave of the sea, always in motion. The perfect product for the brand’s target consumer: the elegant and contemporary woman.

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